Funerals and Memorials

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Saying farewell is hard.

While we can’t change the loss of a loved one, we can give them an inspiring, fitting farewell to celebrate their life, help our grief and ultimately reflect ‘that was a great farewell’.

Celebrant Joy is passionate about fitting farewells. As a founding and committee member of Funeral Celebrants Association Australia, she wants families and friends to say farewell with passion, compassion, gratitude and individuality.

Memorial services are her speciality, enabling family and friends to personalise a service at a venue of their choice.

Joy is happy to answer your questions and pre-plan services to ensure wishes are delivered.

Did you know?

  • a funeral service is not a legal requirement
  • you can bury, cremate or aquamate (external link) your loved one without a service
  • memorial and funeral services can be held at an agreed time and place – at home, beach, clubs, parks, private property – so take time to make your decisions.


You can incorporate rituals and creative ideas in your farewell:

  • create a memories book to capture shared stories
  • tree plantings
  • share garden cuttings or hobbies that reflect your loved one’s life, and
  • include children in the service – there are endless choices!