Fun and Fab Weddings

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Love the creativity of brides and grooms who go that extra mile to ensure their wedding ceremony is fun, fabulous and a forever memory.

Humour is great in a ceremony, as well as the serious bits that actually make you Husband and Wife.

One groom joked that he spotted his soon-to- be bride in a bar and offered to buy her a drink – worse $10 I have ever spent, he quipped! So the bride surprised him in the ceremony with an offer of a $10 refund to cut and run! He stayed!!!!

Fabulous weddings? – well, that is most of them! Each is special, unique, beautiful!

Some of my absolute favorites are:

  • The groom’s UK sister wrote and read a beautiful verse titled, “My Brother’s Getting Married Today”. Not a dry eye in the house!
  • A wonderful Grandmother who wrote and read a beautiful love story for her grandson, intertwined with life lessons!
  • The bride and groom who jumped on a tampoline with their two sons within minutes of becoming Husband and Wife and an official Family!
  • The Groom whose vows were more than 200 words – he memorised them and spoke from his heart! A Kleenex moment!
  • The Bride (English) and Groom (French) who had a French marching song for the bridal entry and God Save the Queen while they signed the registry!

Here’s some FUN and FABULOUS snaps!